Access to High-Speed Internet Services



MERLIN continues to offer Internet gateway services to schools via fibre, wireless, high-speed circuits and the Manitoba Network as well as to provide and explore value-added services such as bandwidth shaping, firewall, anti-spam, anti-virus and web content filtering.  MERLIN Partners will receive unlimited access to Internet bandwidth once they connect to MERLIN. Bandwidth will be determined by the speed of the connection to MERLIN. MERLIN will provide the consultation in procuring the best possible connection to MERLIN for our clients.

How do I get access to this?  It is the responsibility of the school division to acquire a connection to MERLIN. Please contact to initiate a discussion.


Access to CANARIE and MRnet (Manitoba Regional Network) - MRnet is a consortium of private and public sector research and development organizations dedicated to the advancement of broadband networking and network applications. CANARIE interconnects the provincial research networks, and through them universities, research centres, government, research laboratories, schools and other eligible sites, both with each other and with international peer networks. A connection to MERLIN is required.


MERLIN offers our clients both native IPv6 connectivity as well as assistance with deploying IPv6 in our clients’ networks.

Our core routing and security infrastructure is dual-stack (IPv6 and IPv4) from the Internet edge through to our client network connections.  Any existing MERILN client with a layer-2 link to us can enable IPv6.

Native IPv6 internet access is made available through MRNet and CANARIE.  MERLIN clients can use a portion of our IPv6 address space (2620:B0:0::/48)  or obtain their own addresses through ARIN which can then be routed by MERLIN. 

MERLIN can also assist our clients with IPv6 education, testing, and deployment.  Please contact us for more information.