Partner Program

What is the Partner Program about?


The MERLIN Partner Program include a collection of commonly used services that translates into major cost savings for schools in Manitoba. This is a unique opportunity for school divisions to work collaboratively with MERLIN to facilitate technology solutions common to all school divisions.

A customized Partner Program is also available to post-secondary institutions.

What are the benefits?


The Partner Program includes tangible benefits that translate into savings on software, content filtering, Internet and other features. Additional savings are also realized through:

  • Compliancy
  • Best practices
  • Consistency of application
  • Simplicity in reporting systems
  • Long-term technical and financial planning
  • Over the long term, the Partner Program will take advantage of the economies of scale and offers a unique opportunity for Manitoba school divisions to respond to new and emerging technologies into the future while allowing them to work within existing financial limitations.



100% of Manitoba school divisions currently participate in the Partner Program. MERLIN’s K-12 Partner Program three-year Agreement expired on June 30, 2018. MERLIN has extended this Agreement for an additional year at the same rate. This will be the fourth year in a row without an increase in fees.