What is included in Office Professional Plus 2013?

Word     Excel
PowerPoint     Outlook
OneNote     Publisher
Access     InfoPath

What is included in the Core CAL?

CAL’s for Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, and System Center Configuration Manager.

What Software Assurance benefits are we entitled?

TechNet (Managed Newsgroups, Online Concierge Chat), Windows Fundamentals for Legacy, SA Windows Pre-Installation Environment, Virtual PC, Microsoft SA eLearning IW, Microsoft SA eLearning Client, SA Corporate Error Reporting Kit (CER).

What is the MSDNAA Department License?

This will allow your institution to ensure that faculty and students can receive the software they need, free of charge, to stay on the cutting edge of technology in computer science, computer engineering, and information systems.

How do I enroll my free MSDNAA License?

To activate this membership, please go to: https://registermsdn.one.microsoft.com/msdnaa/aa/newstep1.aspx and enter the promotion code that was supplied in your Campus 3 Welcome Acceptance Letter that was email to you by msvlop@microsoft.com.

How do I access the Microsoft Volume Licensing Site to view my Agreement details?

Please contact MERLIN.

What software and how many copies can Work-at-Home rights be assigned to my faculty and staff?

You may assign Work-at-Home rights for the software that you identified on your enrollment in the MERLIN Partner Program. You can assign Work-at-Home rights to your faculty and staff to the equivalent of reported FTEs + 25%.

What happens if our Agreement is terminated or expired?

Users may only run the software according to the terms of your agreement. Your users are only licensed to run the software during the licensed period. If your agreement is terminated, or expired, then all software run as a result of your agreement must be deleted at the time that the licensed period expires or is otherwise terminated. You must make reasonable efforts to ensure that your faculty and staff users:

  • Delete and remove software copies from the temporary ram (RAM) and permanent memory (e.g., hard disk) of their home computers
  • Disconnect access to any server software at the end of the licensed period.

How do I distribute the Media for faculty and staff Work-at-Home users?

If you order faculty and staff Work-at-Home rights for selected software, access to media by your faculty and staff for Work-at-Home purposes must be restricted and regulated by you. All media for software distributed to your faculty and staff for Work-at-Home purposes must be acquired from MERLIN or the Manitoba Textbook Bureau (if you choose to have the Textbook Bureau manage your Work-at-Home rights for your division).

Product List for Work-at-Home Media
(Please note that you can only grant Work-at-Home Rights for products that the school division has selected in the MERLIN Partner Program).