• Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering


What is server-based filtering?

Server-based filtering occurs at MERLIN. With server-based solutions, a site is blocked before it gets to the user’s computer.

What does web content filtering do?

Web content filtering can prohibit access to Internet sites with objectionable content.

What happens when a user tries to access a blocked site?

The user will be presented a screen that says they have been blocked from the site they are trying to visit. At this point, the user must hit the back button on their browser or enter a new address to visit.

How often is the database of blocked sites updated?

The database gets updated every night of the week with sites constantly being added or removed from the list as their content changes.

Can the school/division administrator the settings for this service?

Yes, our service allows administrators to change their profile using any of the categories provided as well as create their own categories of blocked, or passed sites for their profile.

I’ve logged in as an administrator of our group and entered a url in Exception URL/Block URL but I can still access the site after applying the change.

Entering the site using wildcards will resolve any filtering issue. if this does not work add the root domain.  

E.g. wildcard entry      *.merlin.mb.ca/

E.g. root domain            merlin.mb.ca/